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100 Years Ago

Black History
Civil War
Gold Rush
Law and Order

June, 1899
Compiled by Doris Dilbone in June, 1999

100 Year Menu A New Addition
Wagner Brothers have completed arrangements for the erection of an addition to the Wagner house block. The new addition will be two stories high and will cover the entire space lying in the rear of the Arcade. The lower portion will be connected with their stores for business purposes, while in the upper part will be a large balcony. Overhead there will be sufficient light in the store at all times during the day. The addition will improve the appearance of the Arcade very much. Work will be commenced on the new addition immediately.
Sidney Daily News, June 5, 1899

Versailles Vs. Sidney
The opening game of the base ball season in Sidney will be played next Friday afternoon on the ball grounds at the top of the Orbison hill between the Versailles team and the Sidney Reds. The game will be called at 3 o’clock. Before the game the two teams, accompanied by the Reed band, will parade to the ball grounds. The reputation of the Versailles club is well known, while the team that Sidney will present against then gives promise that the game will be a good one. New suits have been purchased for the Sidney boys, which will be on exhibition at Charles Taylor’s bicycle store this evening.
Sidney Daily News, June 5, 1899

sidneyredsbaseballnotice.gif (16616 bytes)

New Bank
The Comptroller of the Currency has approved the application of L. M. Studevant and others, of Sidney, Ohio, for authority to organize "the First National Bank of Sidney," with a capital of $50,000. This is the only national bank in Sidney. Mr. Studevant's associates in the new bank are Messrs. W. H. Wagner, R. H. Trego, J. E. Russell, C. R. Benjamin, W. M. Kingseed and A. J. Hess.
Sidney Daily News, June 17, 1899

Commencement and Picnic
The twelfth annual commencement of the Orange township public schools was held in Valentine’s grove near Kirkwood Friday. The crowd present was the largest ever present at these exercises. There were over 3,000 people in the grove. As we looked over the audience assembled around the platform, we were most forcibly impressed with the difference in the appearance of that bright, happy, well dressed collection of young people, as compared with the somber dressed crowds we had been seeing in the countries of Europe during the past two months. The recitations and singing of the pupils of the several schools were very creditable to both teachers and pupils. William Maloneu, of District No. 2, was the only graduate this year. Subject of his oration was "Patriotism," and was very well spoken. After he had been presented with his diploma, Rev. J. A. Patterson, of this city, delivered a very excellent address. He took the position that Columbus did not discover America, but ran against it in his effort to sail around the world, and that every person born on the continent are the discoverers of America and that America is to them what they find it to be while they live in America.
Sidney Daily News, June 9, 1899

Sidney Boys Win?
The second game of ball played by the Sidney ball team this season was played at Degraff last Wednesday. The game ended in a quarrel in the first half of the ninth inning, the score at that time being five to four in favor of the Sidney boys. In that inning Degraff was at the bat. Keating made a base hit and got to second on a wild throw. The next man up was Shoemaker, who hit the ball down toward third base, back of the foul line. The umpire called it fair, and what was no doubt the best game ever played in Degraff ended in a quarrel. The Sidney boys offered to play if the umpire would change his decision, but Degraff refused to allow it. The umpiring all throughout the game was not the best that could have been given. The game was called, the umpire declaring the game for Degraff, 9 to 0. All through the game it was evident that Sidney was too strong for their opponents, in both their batting and fielding. In the first two innings Degraff gained a lead of two runs. Sidney tied the score in the fourth and gained a lead over their opponents in the sixth inning by getting three runs. Degraff made one run in the seventh and one in the eighth.   
Shelby County Democrat, June 16, 1899

Haslup Wedding
Invitations are out for the wedding of W. H. C. Goode and Miss Ida Haslup which takes place next Tuesday evening at the Haslup home on north Miami avenue.
Sidney Daily News, June 20, 1899


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