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100 Years Ago

Black History
Civil War
Gold Rush
Law and Order

Source Books - Black History

(Many of these books are available at the Amos Memorial Public Library, in the reference/genealogical sections, or through the Ohio Historical Society. Links are established to Shelby County Historical Society [SCHS] materials available elsewhere on the web. )

8 area youth receive Humphrey scholarships. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News," Page 10A, June 23, 1998.

$300 Dollars Reward! Printed August 19, 1855, by "The Sidney Journal."

Wallace, Rich. A Black Man Accused of Murder. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News," February, 1997.

A Trip Through Yesterday. Brochure on Miami County Historic Museums produced by the Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau. Publication date unknown.

An Act to regulate black and mulatto persons. Elias Langham, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nathaniel Massie, Speaker of the Senate, Pg. 335-336, January 5, 1804.

"An Ohio Portrait." Printed by the Watkins Printing Company, Columbus, Ohio. Produced by the Ohio Historical Society in partnership with the Ohio American Revolutionary Bicentennial Advisory Com., Pg. 50, 1976.

Another Attempt at Slave Colonization in Mercer County. Presentation notes prepared by James Humphrey.

Attention! Recruits Wanted for the 5th U.S. Colored Troops. An advertisement printed in "The Sidney Journal," May 20, 1864.

Black & Mulatto Owners of Land. "Shelbyana" newsletter produced and printed by the Shelby County Genealogical Society, Issue No. 53, October, 1992.

Dennis, Denise. "Black History for Beginners." Published by Writers and Readers Publishing, New York, New York, 1984.

Wallace, Rich. Black soldiers distinguished themselves during Civil War. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News," February 24, 1996.

Blacks figure prominently in area history. "The Sidney Daily News," Bicentennial Edition, Pg. 100, July 1, 1976.

[Compiled by] Stella Harger Wilson; Rev. R.N. Nelson. Pastor. Centennial History of Rumley, Ohio; 1837 - 1937. Publication date unknown.

Early History of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. Publication source, date is unknown.

Blockson, Charles. Escape from slavery. The Underground Railroad. Published by the "National Geographic Society", Washington, D.C., Volume 166, No. 1. July, 1984, Pgs. 3 - 39.

Fiery Cross is Burned in East Sidney Saturday Night. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News," May 16, 1923.

Waldsmith, Helen. Former conductor recalls rail days. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News." Publication date unknown.

Conniff, Richard. Frederick Douglass always knew he was meant to be free. Pgs. 115 - 127. Publication source, date is unknown.

From Victory to Freedom. The African American Experience. A project of the Ohio Historical Society. Curriculum guide, National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, Wilberforce, Ohio, 1991. Funk & Wagnalls Standard Reference Encyclopedia. Published and printed by Wilfred Funk, Inc., 1956. Multiple reference books. History of Bennett College brochure. Produced by Bennett College. Publication date unknown.

Sutton, R. "History of Shelby County, Ohio." Original edition produced by R. Sutton and published in Philadelphia, PA in 1883. The Second Edition (including name index) produced by the Shelby County Historical Society, printed by Hammer Graphics in Piqua, 1968.

"I have a Dream," by Martin Luther, King. Jr. Text of speech on-line at Speech delivered on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963. Downloaded from web site January 19, 1998.

"I See the Promised Land," by Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Chronology. Text of chronology and speech on-line. Speech delivered at the Bishop Charles Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee on April 3, 1968. Downloaded from web site January 19, 1993. (Site no longer active).

Hill, Leonard. John Randolph’s Freed Slaves Settle in Western Ohio. "Local and Regional History, A Reproduction of a Scrapbook from Newspaper Articles (1948 - 1970)." Printed and bound by Hammer Graphics, Inc., Piqua, Ohio, 1970.

Klu Klux Klan at Anna. Printed April 28, 1923, by "The Sidney Daily News."

Klu Klux Klan. Printed June 16, 1923, by "The Sidney Daily News." LIBERATOR. Harriet Tubman helped run the Underground Railroad. Publisher/date unknown.

Many towns founded on hope destined to be ghost villages. "The Sidney Daily News," Bicentennial Edition, Pg. 52, June 29, 1976.

Barnes, Joseph; Bradford, John; Conover, Charlotte; Culkins, W.C.; Hover, John: Jones, Walter; Leiter, Clayton; Wright, Willard; "Memoirs of the Miami Valley, Volume III." Published by the Robert O. Law Company, Pg. 426, 1920.

Adams, Barbara; Mozley, Gene. Memorial Records of Shelby County. Published by the Shelby County Genealogical Society.

Microsoft Office Professional Bookshelf. Manufactured by Microsoft, 1995. NAACP. Local organization information obtained in a telephone interview with James Daniel, Ohio Tri-County NAACP President, January, 1998. Additional information from program of Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr. Tenth Annual Brotherhood Banquet. Printed by local NAACP chapter for May 31, 1998, event. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave, (1823). Written by Himself. Published at the Anti-slavery Office, No. 25 Cornhill, 1845. National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Bill, S. 887. Correspondence to Jim Sayre, Shelby County Historical Society, from Mike DeWine, United States (Ohio) Senator, May 19, 1998. Negro Names. "The Sidney Daily News," Bicentennial Edition, Pg. 14, June 28, 1976.

Morgan, T.J. Negroes in the Civil War. Extracted from "The Negro in America", 1898.

Krisher, Trudy. Nothing Free. Published by "Ohio" Magazine, Pg. 27-32, June/July, 1996, issue.

Ohio Historical Society ‘Places’. Web site produced and maintained by the Ohio Historical Society, November, 1997, (

Reed, Ruth. Piqua to get slave quarters. Printed in the "Piqua Daily Call," September 5, 1987.

Quadrennial Census of Negroes in Shelby County, Ohio. "Shelbyana," newsletter produced and printed by the Shelby County Genealogical Society, Issue No. 72, July, 1997.

Quaker Leader Served Well as Underground Sta. Published by "Sidney Daily News", ca. 1933.

Recent Ohio additions of the National Register of Historic Places. Printed in "Ohio Preservation", Volume VI, Number 12, December, 1986.

Religion gave strength, solace to settlers. "The Sidney Daily News," Bicentennial Edition, Pg. 106. July 1, 1976.

Reunions of Randolph Ex-Slaves. "Shelbyana," newsletter produced and printed by the Shelby County Genealogical Society, Issue No. 58, January, 1994.

Reverend David Livingstone, L.L.D. Web site of the David Livingstone Center, Glasgow, Scotland. Information downloaded June 6, 1998.

Wallace, Rich. Rumley man convicted of killing girl - only person publicly executed locally. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News," January 4, 1995.

Humphrey, James; Wallace, RichardSome freed Randolph slaves settled in county. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News," February 27, 1997.

Carey, Maude. Stations Here on Underground Railway in 1853. Printed by "The Sidney Daily News," from 1953 sesquicentennial edition.

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Brochure produced by The Citizens’ Committee on Youth, Cincinnati, Ohio. Publication date unknown.

Green, Israel. The Capture of John Brown. Article in "The North American Review", December, 1885.

[Compiled and researched by] Gilmore, Helen. The History of the John Randolph Freed Slaves of Roanoke, Virginia who settled in Miami & Shelby Counties. Prepared by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, printed by Bea Broadnax, 1981.

Brown, Reed Florence. The Little Church by the Side of the Road. Published in "Smiles and Sighs," a book of poetry, Connersville, Indiana. Copyright applied for 1948.

Alter, Jonathan. The Long Shadow of Slavery. Published by "Newsweek" magazine, Pgs. 58-67, December 8, 1997.

Siebert, Wilbur. The Mysteries of Ohio’s Underground Railroads. Published by Long’s College Book Company. Columbus, Ohio, 1951.

The Negro Freedman’s Aid Society. Program from 1916, printed by The Upward Way, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Randolph Slaves. "Shelbyana," newsletter produced and printed by the Shelby County Genealogical Society, Issue No. 53, October, 1992.

"The Sidney Journal," Friday, February 18, 1870. "The Sidney Journal," July 7, 1872. "The Sidney Journal," Friday, February 29, 1885. "The Sidney Journal," Friday, September 25, 1885. "The Sidney Journal," December, 18, 1885. "The Sidney Journal," Friday, April 6, 1888. "The Sidney Journal," Friday, May 13, 1904. "The Sidney Daily News," March 31, 1912.

Siebert, Wilbur. The Underground Railroad From Slavery To Freedom. Published by Arno Press and the New York Times, New York, 1968.

The Underground Railroad. A brochure printed by the GPO, National Park Service, 1996. (#404-952/40095)

"The World Book Encyclopedia". Printed in the United States of America, Pg. 29, Pg. 386-403, 501-504, 1994.

Tubman, Harriet. National Library of Canada. Information downloaded January 4, 1998. (Site no longer active).

Underground rail bill wins Senate approval. Printed in "The Dayton Daily News," June 27, 1998.

Cummings, James. Walking the roads from slavery to freedom. Printed by the "Dayton Daily News," February 10, 1997.

Warning to Negroes in Shelby County. IOONA advertisement printed in local newspaper, September 15, 1865.


Amos Memorial Public Library, from Ross Archives.
Casad-Lodge, Sherrie; Homan, Tom; Lodge, David. Miscellaneous photographs.
Thompson, Herman. Line art of Sgt. Baker. Sgt. Baker JUST FOR KIDS Logo developed by Sherrie Casad-Lodge.
Miscellaneous graphics courtesy of James Humphrey. Others obtained from Internet websites.


'Black History' segment written in June, 1998 by David Lodge


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