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Settler Surnames

Maybe you will recognize a familiar surname, perhaps from your own family or someone you know. Select this page and use the ‘find’ or ‘search’ feature in your browser software to quickly locate a name. These ‘early immigrant’ names are taken from the May 24, 1917, issue of "Ft. Loramie Progress." It is a list of local surnames and the area in which they were living as of the list’s writing (city of Sidney, Ohio, or local township). This information was contributed by Roger Liess.


Abbott, Amann, Anderson, Bird, Blake, Buirley, Bulle, Burch, Bush, Carey, Clauson, Cleckner, Conklin, Conover, Cummins, Dingman, Doering, Dunnavant, Edgar, English, Etherington, Fielding, Foster, Frazer, Fry, Gamble, Given, Goode, Graham, Haines, Hale, Haslup, Johnston, Joslin, Kelsey, Kilborn, Lacey, Lamb, Leckey, Mathers, Maxwell, McClean, McCullough, Murray, Nicholson, Nutt, Piper, Read, Reddish, Rutledge, Skillen, Smeltzer, Stephenson, Stowel, Taylor, Thompson, Thorn, Toy, Van Fossen, Vandegriff, Wagner, Walker, Weingartner, Wells, Wyman, Yohe and Zinn.


Blanchard, Dunlap, Galley, Hale, Hughes, Mills, Penrod, Pilliod, Short, Taylor and Wiley.


Abbott, Allen, Blakeley, Botkin, Boyer, Brackney, Bridewesser, Clinehens, Cochlin, Dill, Elliot, Faler, Fey, Flesher, Fogt, Fridley, Gallimore, Gerber, Good, Gibson, Green, Hagelberger, Kah, Kraft, Lehman, Lemon, Mede, Metz, Munford, Noland, Park, Ragan, Reynolds, Taylor, Toland, Turner, Wiford, Young and Zimpfer.


Bennett, Brown, Clancey, Coleman, Critton, Curtner, Emley, Fogt, Forrar, Fridley, Hagelberger, Harmon, Hume, Hutchison, Johnston, Knasel, Leapley, Ludlum, McClure, McVay, Moothart, Murphy, Shaw, Shiff, Swander, Young and Zedeker.


Anderson, Apple, Applegate, Arbogast, Atkinson, Beezley, Bird, Botkin, Bratigam, Bulle, Chrisman, Conroy, Cory, Covault, Cunningham, Denman, Dickensheets, Dormire, Dorsey, Frazier, Gray, Hageman, Heath, Hume, Hunt, Johnson, Johnston, Laughlin, Leedom, Lewis, McGinnis, Medaris, Middleton, Minnear, Niswanger, Partington, Platt, Princehouse, Randolph, Redinbo, Robinson, Rolfe, Sanders, Sarver, Sergeant, Shaw, Sherwood, Simes, Sturm, Tuttle, Verdier, Wiles, Williams, Woodmancy, Woodward and Vorhees.


Ailes, Akers, Babcock, Baker, Bland, Bonnoront, Brandenburg, Davis, Elliott, Glick, Hawver, Heintz, Hogan, Howell, Kerst, McCord, Meranda, Metz, Sayrs, Simon, Stout, Trandree and Wise.


Adam, Akin, Anderson, Baumgarden, Boyle, Clark, Colby, Didier, Emert, Fessler, Gartley, Ginn, Hardesty, Harmony, Harper, Hergenrather, Johnston, Morrow, Patterson, Pell, Prichard, Rhoades, Skillen, Stephen, Wyatt and Zemer.


Arkenburg, Berning, Brons, Doucing, Farley, Fisher, Gaier, Gudenkauf, Gudorf, Hickey, Hilgefort, Horstman, Hoying, Leisner, Lowman, Otting, Raterman, Rottinghaus, Schlater, Schulze, Sherman, Toller, Vondrele and Walkup.


Barkalow, Brown, Bulle, Crow, Duncan, Foster, Francis, Gillespie, Hart, Hauver, Holmes, Jackson, Layman, McClosky, McKee, Morrow, Pruden, Redinbo, Valentine, Voress, Wirt and Young.


Baker, Barringer, Crumbaugh, Doren, Deweese, Elliott, Etherington, Forsyth, Gearhart, Henry, Jackson, Johnston, Kemp, Kerns, Key, Kiser, Line, Lippincott, Magill, Manning, Marrs, Maulick, Maxwell, Medaris, Miller, Monroe, Peckingham, Redinbaugh, Reeder, Ried, Rinehart, Smoot, Staley, Sturm, Thompson, Vandemark, Whitmer and Wilkinson.


Allinger, Baker, Bruner, Burton, Cargill, Conner, Counts, Covill, Dodds, Duvall, Epler, Ferree, Gilfillen, Harshbarger, Hobby, Hussey, Kirtland, LeFevre, Louthain, Lytle, Manning, McCashen, McCormick, Mitchell, Ogden, Pegg, Rike, Roberts, Robinson, Shinn, Shroyer, Stafford, Staley, Stewart, Trapp, Watkins and Winget.

Turtle Creek

Baker, Baldwin, Bell, Burress, Burrous, Campbell, Cannon, Cole, Coon, Cowan, Davis, Ewing, Graham, Hall, Herbert, Lennox, McClure, Moore, Morris, Patten, Quinn, Russell, Savage, Shaw, Slaybaugh, Stephens, Thomas, Wilson and Young.

Van Buren

Baker, Choolhoff, Collins, Croning, Fritz, Grothaus, Jones, Maurer, Miller, Morgan, Paul, Redman, Schnelle, Schoff, Smart, Soelman, Woodruff and Vannote.


Alexander, Bailey, Betts, Caldwell, Campbell, Cecil, Davenport, Dinsmore, Ewing, Fergus, Gillespie, Graham, Guthrie, Honnell, Marshall, McKee, Mellinger, Monroe, Patterson, Peck, Polhamus, Rasor, Scott, Thompson, Wagner, Weymer and Wilson.

'Immigration' segment written in November, 1997 by David Lodge


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