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100 Years Ago

Black History
Civil War
Gold Rush
Law and Order

November, 1899
Compiled by Doris Dilbone in Nov., 1999

100 Year Menu Presbyterians Give Thanks
The ladies of the First Presbyterian church served Thanksgiving supper in the new parlor. A social time was spent and a delightful informal musical program was presented. Miss Clara Amos, Mrs. C. W. Benjamin, Mrs. C. E. Tenney, Albert King and Jesse Wilson played and sang several selections. The proceeds amounted to about $94.     
Sidney Daily News, Dec. 1, 1899

One of Many Halloween Parties in Sidney
Howard B. Dill and wife, Misses Nellie Honnold, Rose and Anna Kummer, Mamie Bird, Maud Lyon and Messrs. M. R. Line, Harry C. and Harry W. Collins, John Binkley, Steven White and Harley E. Kah were entertained to a Hallowe’en party at the home of Miss Laura Applegate on Franklin avenue last evening. The house had been handsomely decorated in Hallowe’en fashions, pumpkins with faces cut in them being hung in the different rooms. An elaborate oyster supper was served and a very pleasant evening was spent by the guests present, enjoying the hospitality of the hostess.
Sidney Daily News, Nov.1, 1899

No Real Damage Reported
Hallowe’en was celebrated in the usual way among the young people of the city Wednesday evening. Small boys were about in their usual Hallowe’en mischief but no serious depredations have been reported to the Police. In general the night was a great deal quieter than it has been for many years.  
Shelby County Democrat, Nov. 2, 1899

Enquiry About Sidney’s Founder
Dr. H. Mallory, of Hamilton, in a letter sent to this city, says: "It would be interesting to me to know when the town of Sidney was laid out. It must have been at an early period in Ohio’s history, for I remember of hearing the name as early as 1830. In the year 1807 my father purchased a farm in Botetourt county, Virginia, from Charles Sterritt, who moved to Ohio in that same year, and with the money which my father paid to him for his farm, he purchased from the government the land on which the beautiful, flourishing little city of Sidney now stands. Mr. Sterritt made frequent visits back to his old home and was always the guest of my father during his stay in the early years of this century, and from this fact his name became a household word in our family. Charles Sterritt and Sidney, Ohio, possess to my mind a charm and peculiar fascination. Little did that old Virginia farmer imagine when he settled on what was then an unbroken forest that in less than one hundred years all of his broad acres would be covered by magnificent private residences, crossed by beautiful streets and on every hand the hum of industry.  
Sidney Daily News, Nov. 28, 1899

No Easy Mark
Last night as Chris Fenneman, of Anna, was returning from Wapakoneta and crossing Loramie bridge one mile south of Botkins, two men attempted to hold him up. One stopped his horse while the other grasped Fenneman by the arm. He was not going to be robbed without a fight. Consequently they rolled down the embankment, Fenneman kicking his opponent in the bowels, laying him out. The other by this time had fled. Besides a fight Fenneman received no injury.
Sidney Daily News, Nov. 28, 1899

Thanksgiving Football Successful
Six Straight Victories For The High School Boys…..Forty to six was the score of the Thanksgiving day football game when the Sidney team trounced over the Greenville team. Line up for the Sidney team was Anderson, Kelly, Beebe, Herzstam, Oldham, Marshall, Milholland, Arbuckle, Pfefferle, Goode and Stockstill.     
Sidney Daily News, Dec. 1, 1899

500 Sidney Skaters!?
The roller skating rink opened for the winter season last night and it is estimated that there were over five hundred people present. Music was furnished by the Klute band and the rink will be in
charge of Karmire & Benjamin.   
Sidney Daily News, Dec. 1, 1899

Thanksgiving Food Ads from Sidney Newspapers, November, 1899

Sexauer’s fruit cake is now on sale. Better fruit cake can not be made. Ask your grocers for it.

Go to Burkhart’s grocery for good things for your Thanksgiving dinner. Fine raisins, currants, cranberries, celery, Florida oranges, apples, and Malaga grapes at cheap prices.

Fine pig roast at Joe Bauman’s on Thanksgiving morning.

Sexauer’s fresh mince pies are on sale every day. Enquire for them at the wagon or ask your grocer for them. Use no other.

Fresh fish, poultry and oysters every day at A. S. Lanpher’s, opposite post office.

Dressed turkeys 12½ cts. a pound, dressed chickens, ducks and geese at Piper Bros.

The Wagner house has become noted for its elegant table on Thanksgiving day. Everything from the hot beds of the south will be had on that day, such as new spinach, new wax beans, new tomatoes, cucumbers, new beets, fresh strawberries, etc., and all meats will be composed of game meats, such as roast venison, mallard duck, snow birds, etc. Save trouble and expense and take dinner at the Wagner House.


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N.C. DeWeese & Son, 726 Poplar Street, Sidney, Ohio
Shelby County Democrat, October 20, 1899


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