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100 Years Ago

Black History
Civil War
Gold Rush
Law and Order

May, 1899
Compiled by Doris Dilbone in May, 1999

100 Year Menu While After Mushrooms
Howard Hendershott, H. C. Jones and Harley Kah drove to the Loramie reservoir yesterday morning to hunt for mushrooms, promising their friends to bring back a good supply. After traveling over all the country in that vicinity Kah got tired and went to their buggy to rest. Jones and Hendershott continued hunting and not being familiar with the country, they got lost. They walked and walked for many miles but could not find their way back to the buggy. Kah realized that the boys were lost and began to look for them. He drove up and down all the different mud roads in that vicinity. He finally found the two boys tired out and ready to come back to Sidney, saying that it would be their last mushroom hunt. They found six mushrooms divided as follows, Kah one, Hendershott three and Jones two.
Sidney Daily News, May 10, 1899

Now at Manila
Mrs. H. H. Miller last Saturday received a letter from her son Henry, who is at Manila a member of the 17th Regiment, U. S. A. He states that they are under marching orders and were expecting a big fight the evening the letter was written. The insurgents have captured 1,864 of their men. They are along the firing line and had a skirmish which lasted about 24 hours. Eighteen men were killed and forty-two wounded.
Sidney Daily News, May 9, 1899

Will Go To Germany
Daniel Dickas, wife and little son Frederick, will sail from New York City on June 10, on the Hamburg and America line steamer Pennsylvania, for Hamburg, Germany. From Hamburg they will go to Herzogerarach, Buyern, Germany, where they will spend several months visiting Mrs. Dickas’ parents. They will visit a number of cities in Germany before their return. They will return home by way of Paris, France, London and Southampton, England.
Shelby County Democrat, May 26, 1899

Council Proceedings
The regular meeting of the city Council was held Monday evening, with all members present. W. H. Wagner addressed the Council on the question of the new garbage dump and said that he did not think the price asked for the piece of ground that they offered for sale was excessive, $150 an acre. The ground is near the C. H. and D. railroad south of Sidney. A motion prevailed to have the Council act on this question as a whole and to meet at the call of the President.    
Shelby County Democrat, May 26, 1899

Mayor Nessler Recommended the Following Persons for Policemen
William O'Leary, George Schneeberger and Jacob Eisenstein. They were confirmed separately, and without opposition with the exception of Eisenstein. Stowell voted against the confirming of Eisenstein. Policemen Schiff and Cartwright will retire.  
Shelby County Democrat, May 26, 1899

Baseball Club
A meeting was held Thursday evening by a number of base ball enthusiasts for the purpose of organizing a base ball club in this city. A club was organized with the following line up: Charles Elliott, catcher; Ed Seal, pitcher; Sam Seal, shortstop; Harry Kana, first base; Tully Potter, second base; Weber Hussy, third base; Charles Kiting, left field; Wm. Casey, center field; Louis Kings, right field; Oliver Elliott and Will Curtis, substitutes. Charles Taylor was selected as manager of the club. With the proper encouragement from our citizens, this will make an excellent club to represent Sidney during the coming summer. The first game will probably be played with Troy on the afternoon of Decoration Day in this city, on the grounds at the top of the Orbison hill.   
Shelby County Democrat, May 26, 1899

sidneyredsbaseballnotice.gif (29916 bytes)

For Sale Cheap
All kinds of flowers, cabbage, yam, sweet potato, tomato and mango plants. Also 2,000 fine pansies in bloom. At Henry Ehrhardt’s, near the fair ground.
Sidney Daily News, May 4, 1899

Odds and Ends
Twelve barrels of ten year old rye whiskey was received by Wm. Shine on Tuesday from the old Lyndhurst distillery of New Jersey, the oldest distillery in this country. The fine qualities of its whiskies have made it famous, which is distilled on the old plan, over open wood fires in copper kettles…J. S. Laughlin has presented Neal Post G. A. R. with a gavel made from a tree that stood on the Shiloh battlefield. The gavel is similar to the one he presented to Sidney Lodge, I.O.O.F. last week…The Underwood Whip Company plant has been recently improved by the putting in of some additional fire protection…The May number of the Cosmopolitan magazine contains a tribute from the pen of Milton E. Ailes, formerly of Sidney and now of Washington, D.C. It is entitled, "Arctic Perils," a story of adventure and death in the far north.
Shelby County Democrat, May 12, 1899


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