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Source Books - Industry

Many of these books are available at the Amos Memorial Public Library, in the reference/Genealogical sections, or through the Ohio Historical Society. Links are established to Shelby County Historical Society [SCHS] materials available elsewhere on the web.

A brief look Inside the News. A History of THE SIDNEY PRINTING & PUBLISHING CO. Printed in 1970 for the Sidney/Shelby County Sesquicentennial.

A Retrospect of the past and sketch of the present —our advantages and attractions. Printed by "The Sidney Journal", January 5, 1872.

Baumfolder Corporation. History of the corporation.

Special U.S. Bicentennial, Amos Press Centennial Edition. Printed by "The Sidney Daily News", June 29 - July 2, 1976. Various articles.

Bimel Buggy Company to build automobiles. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", February 18, 1915.

Downtown Sidney, Ohio, 1884. Map on display at the Amos Memorial Public Library, highlighting 41 community businesses.

Wallace, Rich. Early industrialist Smith helped transform Sidney. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", April 6, 1996, Page 1B.

Fifty Four Years in Business. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", April 04, 1914.

Hitchcock, A.B.C. History of Shelby County, Ohio and Representative Citizens. Published by Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co, Chicago, IL, 1913.

Sutton, R. History of Shelby County, Ohio. Original Edition produced by R. Sutton and published in Philadelphia, PA in 1883. The Second Edition, (including name index) produced by the Shelby County Historical Society, printed by Hammer Graphics in Piqua, 1968.

Wallace, Rich. History shows support of industry. Sidney government seeks business. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", Progress Edition, January 31, 1996, Pgs. 114 and 116.

Wallace, Rich. I.H. Thedieck - a man of vision. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", September 29, 1997, Page 6B.

Industrial & Commercial Sidney, Ohio. Produced by the Sidney Commercial Club. Publication date unknown (ca. 1915).

Industrial Souvenir, Sidney and Shelby County. Published by "The Sidney Daily News" and "Shelby County Democrat", 1910.

Barnes, Joseph; Bradford, John; Conover, Charlotte; Culkins, W.C.; Hover, John; Jones, Walter; Leiter, Clayton; Wright, Willard; "Memoirs of the Miami Valley, Volume III." Published by the Robert O. Law Company, 1920.

Wallace, Rich. Monarch Machine Tool aided war effort; difficult times were destined to follow. Monarch Machine and local companies shared mutually beneficial partnership. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", July 17 and 18, 1997, Pgs. 4B and 12B.

Out of the Past. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", December 15, 1995.

Wallace, Rich. Peoples building product of city man’s vision. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", December 13, 1996, Pg 8A.

Ross Aluminum Foundries. History of the company.

Wallace, Rich. Rumley man convicted of killing girl only person publicly executed locally. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", January 4, 1995.

Wallace, Rich. Several local Civil War soldiers died in Southern prison camps. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", January 13, 1996.

Sidney City and Shelby County Directory, Volume I, 1902. Published by the Standard Printing Company, Sidney, Ohio.

The Sidney Daily News, 1891 - 1991, Celebrating a Century of Service. Printed by "The Sidney Daily News", May 4, 1991

DeVelvis, Linda. The Sidney School Furniture Company. Written for the Shelby County Historical Society [SCHS] newsletter as a quarterly insert. Produced/printed by SCHS, Sept., 1996, Pgs 1-6.

Porcher, Connie. Town Promotion and the Rural Mystique: Sidney, Ohio, A Case Study. August, 1981.

Transportation in Ohio. How It Was, How It Is. Organizational brochure, printed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, 1996.

A City Noted for Its Manufacturing, 1910. Compiled and published by R. Emmet Avery, Concordia, Kansas. Photos by S.B. Purnell, Sidney, Ohio; Printed and produced in 1910. Various photos.

Advertisements. Variety of ads reprinted from Sidney newspapers.

Amos Memorial Public Library, from Ross Archives.

United States Patent Office. BENJAMIN SLUSSER OF SIDNEY, OHIO. Patent No. 183,223, dated October 10, 1876; application filed August 8, 1876.

Canals of Ohio, 1825-1913. Reprinted by the Ohio Historical Society, 1971.


Amos Memorial Public Library, from Ross Archives.

Casad-Lodge, Sherrie. Miscellaneous photographs.

Homan, Tom. Miscellaneous photographs of buildings, people, advertisements and memorabilia.

Canal feeder map from "Our History" brochure produced by Hussey’s Restaurant, Port Jefferson.

Special U.S. Bicentennial, Amos Press Centennial Edition. Printed by "The Sidney Daily News", June 29 - July 2, 1976. Various articles.

Thompson, Herman. Line art of Sgt. Baker. Sgt. Baker JUST FOR KIDS Logo developed by Sherrie Casad-Lodge.

Industry segment written in January, 1998 by Rich Wallace


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