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100 Years Ago

Black History
Civil War
Gold Rush
Law and Order

September, 1899
Compiled by Doris Dilbone in Sept., 1999

100 Year Menu In Arrears
City Clerk Ailes read an old bill that had been presented to the Bimel Carriage Company for the putting in of their sidewalk by the city. The bill amounted to $117.50, but he said that Mr. Bimel was willing to settle it by paying only $90. It seemed the sentiment among the councilmen that the entire bill should be paid, otherwise the amount should be placed on the tax duplicate.
Shelby County Democrat, Sept. 1, 1899

Labor Day Celebration
The Bimel Mutual Aid Association will honor Labor Day by a picnic at the Steinle club house.
Sidney Journal, Sept. 1, 1899

Wheelmen Suspended
On account of taking part in a race meet at Kenton, held without the sanction of the League of American Wheelmen racing board, and where the prizes were paid in cash, the following Shelby county bicycle racers have received notice of their suspension from the League of American Wheelmen: Earl Hunt, of Plattsville, Don Beamer, W. S. Furman and Wallace O. Kelly.  
Shelby County Democrat, Sept. 8, 1899

Good Bats
The Cincinnati Enquirer in its base ball news of Wednesday says: "Roy W. Anderson, of Sidney, presented the Reds with two dozen bats Tuesday. Several of the members of the team used them in the double header. They were so well pleased with them that they have placed an order with the Sidney man to furnish the team with some new bats."
Shelby County Democrat, Sept. 8, 1899

Lockington Arrival
A young dairyman has come to live with J. A. Jones and wife. It is an eleven pound boy.
Shelby County Democrat, Sept. 15, 1899

Sexauer’s Bakery
J. C. Althoff and Carl A. Sexauer have purchased the property occupied by Cogan’s grocery and the Sexauer bakery on Poplar street across the canal of John Grussai for $1,700.
Shelby County Democrat, Sept. 15, 1899

Fair Makes a Hit
The Shelby county fair was never more decent, quiet and orderly than this year. The absence of fakirs, wheels of fortune, shows of doubtful morality, etc., was particularly noteworthy. It proves two things, first: the good sense and propriety of the management; second, that the people are making advancement upward, in tastes as well as morals. It is believed that by another year the display departments will receive much more attention than heretofore, and the Institute will recover the prestige of earlier years.
Sidney Journal, Sept. 22, 1899

Steenrod Appointed
E. L. Steenrod, of this city, one of the teachers in the high school, was Thursday appointed county school examiner to succeed W. J. Emmons. Mr. Steenrod is well worthy to succeed Mr. Emmons. He is closely identified with the country school teacher, having been a country teacher himself until employed in the Sidney schools last year.
Shelby County Democrat, Sept. 8, 1899

News From Maplewood
John Valentine has what is supposed to be typhoid fever. Lorain Dunson ran a needle, eye first, into her foot Monday. A. F. Rust’s tile factory was closed Thursday, to enable the hands to attend the fair.
Sidney Journal, Sept. 8, 1899

1899fair.gif (78171 bytes)

Closed for the 1899 Fair


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