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100 Years Ago

Black History
Civil War
Gold Rush
Law and Order

March, 1900
Compiled by Doris Dilbone in March, 2000

100 Year Menu House Warming for Candy Factory
Before putting ithe machinery and fixtures for the practical operation of the new candy factory, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hickok, assisted by their daughters, Hattie and Willa, received their friends Thursday evening. More than 300 participated in the "house warming" festivities. The first floor was used as a cloak room, the second for music, refreshments and social chat, and the third to the pleasures of the young people. The building will soon be equipped with modern candy making appliances and used exclusively for the wholesale business.
Sidney Journal
, Mar. 9, 1900

High-Priced Real Estate
Mrs. John F. Horr has made a twentieth century offering to the Women's Home Missionary Society of 10 small houses at Key West, Florida, conservatively estimated to be worth $4,000.
Sidney Journal, Mar. 9, 1900

Early Yard Sale
A bazaar and social will be held at the home of James Fitzgerald, South Ohio avenue, Thursday evening. Childrens garments and fancy articles will be for sale, the proceeds going to the Baptist congregation.
Sidney Journal, Mar. 9, 1900

A Sign of Spring in Dawson
The first canal boat of the season passed through this place Sunday.
Sidney Journal
, Mar. 16, 1900

Suspicious Elephant
The dry goods store of William Piper was broken into Friday night last week and the safe was robbed of $7.07. During Saturday, a resident known as "Elephant" was found playing slot machines and along with other suspicious circumstances, pointed to him as the burglar. He was arrested, placed in jail and on Monday morning he confessed.
Sidney Journal
, Mar. 16, 1900

Well-Traveled Locals
Samuel Lyon will shortly leave for Butte, Montana, where he has procured employment in a dry goods store...E. S. Cox is spending his vacation with his family at Belpre, Washington county..Ira C. Painter is spending his vacation at Granville...Mrs. LeRoy Michael, who has been in Colorado and New Mexico eight months for her health, is home...Mrs. Robert McCaslin, accompanied by son Frank, left Tuesday for Hot Springs, Arkansas, where she will be treated for rheumatism...Samuel, the 15 year old son of Aaron Cottrell, left home in August, and is now in South America...H. B. Miller, of Grant's Pass, Oregon, formerly of this city, has been appointed consul at Chung King, China.
Sidney Journal, Mar. 16 & 23, 1900

At Least the Milk Was Clean
The Board of Health held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening. The section of the code of health laws regulating the throwing of garbage, slops, ashes, etc., in the streets and alleys was ordered published. Other topics discussed were the nuisance and damage to property caused by the tannery, the mud hole under the Big Four railway depot, the vaults on the Sherman property on East Poplar street and Dr. T. W. Johnson reported having examined milk from all the dairies and found it pure.
Sidney Journal, Mar. 23, 1900

No Dumping
The law against doing injury to State property and appropriating of the canal as a dumping ground for household garbage or for an outlet to sewers was passed by the Legislature in 1841...providing a penitentiary punishment for its violators. The young and thrifty elms on the berm bank are also under state protection.
Sidney Journal
, Mar. 23, 1900

Getting Together
The employees of the Wagner Manufacturing Company and the Sidney Hollowware Company organized Monday evening what is to be known as Iron Workers' Mutual Aid Association.
Sidney Journal, Mar. 23, 1900

Our Boys In Uniform
Edward Wooley, who got in trouble in the Philippine Islands for discharging his pistol near a native's hut, got off with a light sentence of a month's work.
Sidney Journal
, Mar. 16, 1900

National Club Work
Mrs. H. E. Beebe has been selected as one of fourteen delegates to represent Ohio at the biennial convention of the Federation of Women's Clubs in Milwaukee.
Sidney Journal
, Mar. 16, 1900

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From The Sidney Daily News, March 19, 1900.


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